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Editor Philip Davenport

An epic, poetic collaboration with marginalised people in the UK - including homeless people, people with a dementia diagnosis, people living in areas of economic disadvantage and young offenders. Poems, interviews, artworks and visual experiments as one long, interwoven piece published as an Apple Pie Editions book and also mass-tweeted and made available as a kindle download. Material in ALBION has been processed and re-edited by poets Steve Giasson, Rebecca Guest, Scott Thurston, copland smith, Tom Jenks and Steve Emmerson. ALBION is an arthur+martha project, supported by the NALD.

Hardback book, ebook, twitter stream, other mixed media outputs.

by Darren Marsh
Constructed from the component parts of its own isbn, this limited edtion print is a gesture toward both drawing and poem.


This is not a love song
by Finella Davenport
Childhood, divorce and Mrs Thatcher are set loose in the leafy Cheshire villages of the 1980s. Finella Davenport's novel examines the dark little corners that Home and Gardens magazine always seems to miss. Her writing tests these chilly middle-class temperatures with an icy-ness that is both equal and searing.

this is a free riot
Visual poem by Philip and Finella Davenport: collage and cutup. Made as a limited edition of 50 x 19cm square giclee prints, each individually adapted with pencil. Also variants in Russian translation.
STATUS: available
PRICE: £10.00

by Stephen Emmerson
isbn: 978-1-909388-04-8
(Purchase via Blart
Pill poems to be swallowed with a glass of water: 'This capsule contains a demon', 'May induce visions', '1000 poems'.
STATUS: available
PRICE: £3.00

THE DARK WOULD language art anthology
isbn 978-1-909388-00-0 / 978-1-909388-01-7
World-leading text artists and poets are brought together for the first time in this groundbreaking international anthology. Over 100 contributors include Richard Long, Tacita Dean, Shirin Neshat, Tony Lopez, Fiona Banner, Ron Silliman, Erica Baum, Nja Mahdaoui, Simon Patterson, Richard Wentworth, Jenny Holzer, Sarah Sanders, Holly Pester, Nick Blinko, Caroline Bergvall, Tsang Kin Wah, Lawrence Weiner, Rosmarie Waldrop and many more. The book is a gathering of people who use language as their primary material of making, be they artist or poet. It is in two volumes, one paper (300 pages) and the other virtual (1000 plus pages) - contributors have submitted work that meditates on dis/embodiment and the human trace. The anthology is edited by visual poet Philip Davenport, who curated the first posthumous gallery exhibitions of Ian Hamilton Finlay and Bob Cobbing and has helped to curate the UK Text Festival.
THE DARK WOULD is in two volumes, one paper 300 pages B+W, and one virtual, for kindle download.
STATUS: available
Retail price £29.99 for both volumes
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Poems and art made by people receiving help for isolation and depression. Devised in response to Rimbaud's A Season in Hell. Hardback, full colour, limited edition of 50 books, each containing one handmade miniature book work.
STATUS: sold out

Steve Giasson book works:

In 2011, Davenport gave the Canadian Conceptual Poet Steve Giasson Apple Pie isbn numbers, so that Steve could make book experiments available through Lulu as POD books. Can be purchased as individually-priced items from

Some Gasoline Poems - by Steve Giasson (2011)
This Apple Pie product was made in response to the work of American artist Ed Ruscha and has been exhibited as part of a retrospective Ruscha show in America and Europe, 2013. "Spark and it's like gasoline/I start burning like a machine/My heart only runs on supreme/So hot, give me your gasoline"(Britney Spears) // ". . . it comes, I tell you, immense with gasolined rags/and bits of wire and old bent nails, a dark arriviste,/from a dark river within."(Gregory Corso, How Poetry Comes to Me, page 1369)

Passport - by Steve Giasson

Bazooka Joe - by Steve Giasson
Laughter is the key.

Jokes After Richard Prince - by Steve Giasson
Laughter is still the key.

Pluses - by Steve Giasson
Malevich homage as bookwork.

O - by Steve Giasson
"Malevich is still a hugely revelant artist, though most of his admirers could not tell you why, which is as it should be." Germaine Greer

the bury poems
Featuring Tony Lopez, Robert Grenier, Ron Silliman, Geof Huth, Carol Watts, Holly Pester, Philip Davenport, Tony Trehy. Design and drawings Darren Marsh. A collection of poems commissioned for the pioneering Bury Text Festival by Tony Trehy and edited by Philip Davenport. This book brings together some seminal poets, together with newer writers, interweaving voices and histories. Alternately difficult, funny, angry, sweet-toned, The Bury Poems becomes a shared meditation on the act of putting words onto paper, and on the making of lives - 'industrial processes so delicate they fake the border of thought' (Davenport). Hardback book, colour illustrated throughout with 'process' drawings by Darren Marsh, photographs by Julia Grime, documents from the Bury Archive.
STATUS: available
PRICE: £9.99

Tweet from Engels
In early 2011, poet Philip Davenport and artist Lois Blackburn met with many homeless people in Manchester, England and asked them to describe their lives. Some of this writing and talking was gathered into a long, many-voiced poem. Tweet from Engels was first launched as a twitter feed and was released as an Apple Pie product, a small POD paperback book. Edited by Davenport, with assistance from Steve Giasson and Rebecca Guest. Additional material Scott Thurston. A section of this long poem features in the Outsider anthology compiled by Jerry Rothenberg.
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STATUS: available.
PRICE: £5.17

a map of you - Lowry
a map of you - I Heart Manchester 978-0-9568584-1-2
Two 'concertina' postcard books made from tourist postcards of Manchester, customised by homeless people, so as to insert fragments of their life stories into the accepted and 'acceptable' packaging of the city.
STATUS: available.
PRICE: £5 for the pair

15 Minutes for Leslie Scalapino
no isbn
Visual poem by Philip Davenport, made as a limited edition of 50 x 19cm square giclee prints, each individually numbered with pencil. Made as accompaniment for sound performance by Davenport and Gwilliam, in response to the death of poet Leslie Scalapino.
STATUS: available
PRICE: £10.00

Poetry and artworks by hospital patients, edited by Davenport. Experimental art and poetry made in collaboration with older people in hospital in North West England, PATIENCE is an account of the emotional rollercoaster of illness. The poems and artworks are by patients who are sometimes in the process of recovery, sometimes coming to terms with dying. Davenport explains: "We hope PATIENCE will help people deal with the journey through illness. The poems and artworks were made using cutup techniques, blending text and art, which allowed people to make delicate, tangential work that reflected their physical state. There's a lot of humour and acceptance in the pieces."
Threading between the art and poems are interviews with nurses, doctors and carers. The book becomes a cross-section of hospital life, using artworks, photographs (many are snapshots taken by patients of the view from their bed) poems, discussion. There are forewords by poet Carol Watts and psychiatrist Francis Creed; renowned American poet Robert Grenier wrote the 'afterwards'. Hardback book, full colour.
STATUS: available
PRICE: £25.00

Spreadsheets of Light
no isbn
Poems as spreadsheets, with words where numbers would be, presenting moral dilemmas as accountancy. War crimes, celebrity death, or the act of shopping - the impossible necessity of adding up atrocities and banality to come up with an adequate answer. Each spreadsheet is accompanied by what Davenport describes as a "word-abacus" - sculptural works whose dual role as poem and counting instrument reinforces the importance of form in these works. So, dozens of broken eggshells become symbols for smashed skulls; a poem inscribed within these fragments. From black and white grids to full-colour posters, Davenport's continuing play with the form spreadsheets has evolved into a forensic investigation of value and loss. Available as A0 and A2 posters and vinyl lettering installations. Some of these works have been exhibited at the Henry Moore Institute, the Text Festival, and Turnpike Gallery, Contact Apple Pie Editions directly for a detailed list and images.
about everything
isbn 978-0-9539367-7-5
Poem/photograph sequence by Philip Davenport. Sound score by Ben Gwilliam. Design by Darren Marsh.
Mini-billposters exhibited at Occupy Wall Street protest site NYC 2011 and in Liverpool Biennial 2008.
about everything is an elegy for mass-production. The words have been taken from a yearsworth of newspapers, reordered and reshaped. Names of ancient high-ranking officials - from Rome, Russia, the medieval church - replace contemporary presidents and celebrities. The poem progresses into an overspill of nothing, words are replaced with zeroes, holes in the meaning.
STATUS: some still available from edition of 500. Hardback book, full colour.
PRICE: £10.00

You minus one
isbn: none
Visual poems by Philip Davenport. Illustrations by David Hancock, soundworks Lee Patterson, design Gary Parkinson.
Billposter available from larger poem sequence.
You minus one is a portrait sequence of people who are both close and lost. Davenport plays with ideas of measuring this space and finding symbols for it: mythical references (Narcissus, Echo, Psyche, Demeter, Minerva) and the preoccupations of Romantic poetry are mistranslated into new jargons of psychotherapy, biology and mathematics.
Premiered at Mid-Pennine Arts Gallery 2007, showing a few parts of the complete sequence.
STATUS: A0 poster poem available.
PRICE: £10.00

Constellation of Luminous Details
isbn 978-0-9539367-6-7
CD of found poems as readings and soundworks.
Contributors include Ben Gwilliam, Laurence Lane, Gareth Bibby, Christine Johnson, Lee Patterson.
"T'was my pure delight, to listen through --all those voices 'made-into-sound' w/ the freshness of white daisies." (Robert Grenier)
Constellation of Luminous Details is audio rorschach - poems from conversations misheard amongst ringtones, urban traffic noise, the overspill of machines. Davenport gathered source material for a year, transcribing the conversations of strangers in public places. These texts were given to amateur readers in settings ranging from hospital wards to cafes to living rooms. They are first take 'performances' of Davenport's handwritten notebooks, with a striking informality and poignancy. One reader pauses to drink tea, another is interrupted by nurses talking near his hospital bed. These readings and the sound treatments constructed from them combine into a suite of inner music.
STATUS: Available
PRICE: £7.00

Mercury Hymn/Ian Hamilton Finlay is dead
isbn: none
Signed limited ed. Giclee print
"VISUAL poet Philip Davenport has created one of the most original tributes to the late Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay in his poem Mercury Hymn/Ian Hamilton Finlay is Dead, inscribed on the wall of the Heart gallery. He blends text messages from friends with snatches of Shelley's Hymn to Mercury to produce a work that is both daring and elegiacŠ" (The Scotsman)
STATUS: available. Hand numbered and initialled poem Ltd edition of 200. 297 x 297 mm Giclee print on 190gsm watercolour paper.
PRICE: £100.00

One day split open
isbn: none
Textwork by Davenport, made as screenprint series by Mr&Mrs using varied colour ways.
STATUS: available. Signed, limited edition of 50. A2 screenprint on varying papers
PRICE: £100.00

Scorpio Arc
isbn 978-0-9539367-3-2
CD: spoken songs/sung poems
Singer Christine Johnson, acc. Davenport
Cut-ups of interviews with musicians, given vocal arrangements by shamanic folk singer Christine Johnson, accompanied by Davenport. Released as limited ed. signed and numbered CD as part of Manchester Poetry Festival.
STATUS: available. Limited edition CD of 200. Handprinted cover, hand numbered.
PRICE: £10.00

Heart Shape Pornography
isbn: none
Poems handwritten onto artificial apples
"Heart shapes are cut from porn magazines and the words crafted into haiku-like poems that are then inscribed onto applesŠ By enmeshing 'low' with 'high' ideals of pleasure and desire what is set up quite potently in Davenport's work is a frank and concise interrogation of an artificial dualism and ultimately debilitating cultural categorizations where erotic representation and the activity of looking is a charged punitively regulated activity." (Jacki Wilson)
STATUS: available. Verses of poem sequence handwritten onto artificial apples
PRICE: £10.00 each

Ritual Bodies
isbn 978-0-9539367-4-0
Full colour catalogue documenting artists' interventions at Liverpool Biennial, including the first showing of Davenport's handwritten apples Heart Shape Pornography.
Editor: Jacqueline Wylie
Contributing artists: Margaret Cahill, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Philip Davenport, Hester Reeve, Jacqueline Wylie and others. Ritual Bodies was part of Liverpool Biennial, 2004. This series of four artists' interventions highlighted Walker Art Gallery's collection in visual, cultural and political terms.
STATUS: available.
PRICE: £10.00

Vogue Divine
isbn 978-0-9539367-1-6
Postcard sets, A0 billposters
Philip Davenport, Phil Sayers, design Gary Parkinson
Davenport and transvestite artist Phil Sayers made a series of poster poems, billposted in Manchester, 2002. At first glance, simply fashion posters, re-looking shows the young female model to be a 56-year-old man in drag, the text gives the reader a poem not an instruction to buy. The poems were made by collaging words from fashion magazines.
"The first poem in the series was a found poem made from an advertisement in Vogue for the fashion house Hermes Š I was intrigued by the idea that Vogue contained a hidden cast of gods and I began to look for them..." (Davenport)
STATUS: Billposters available £35; colour postcard packs currently unavailable

Imaginary Missing People
(Original book published by Writers Forum 1999 isbn 0-86162-972-8)
Photographs of poster poems in situ Barcelona, Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Paris, Reykjavik, available from Apple Pie Editions.
Imaginary Missing
People debuted in Manchester in 1998, when several hundred poster-poems were billposted in Manchester. The collection was then published by Bob Cobbing's seminal Writers Forum, 1999. The works were made by collaging together missing persons notices from The Big Issue together with Davenport's own diaries. In the subsequent decade they have appeared variously in British and European cities.
STATUS: available. A2 photographs of billposter poems in situ. Signed.
PRICE: £100.00

Lost Found Time
isbn 978-0-9539367-2-4
Collection of art and poetry by older people in hospital in North West England, edited by Davenport. An emotional history of the 20th century, in the form of poems made from conversations and hand-drawn artworks. Hardback book, full colour.
STATUS: available
PRICE: £25

All about evil
isbn 978-0-9539367-0-0
Early short story collection by Davenport, compiled from stories written in the 1980s-90s.
"A collection of modern Gothic stories bound together by the structure of the Arabian NightsŠ the imaginative pyrotechnics are quite dazzling." (The Big Issue)
STATUS: available
PRICE: £7.99

The Gingerbread Tree
isbn: none
Early CD of experimental pop, sung by Finella Davenport, with contributing musicians (esp. Damien Lawrence of Marion). Insouciant charm and a DIY production.
STATUS: available.
PRICE: £10.00

Apple Pie Editions prints bespoke editions of poetry, text art books (typically 200-1000 copies) and objects. It is organised by visual poet Philip Davenport, who most recently edited THE DARK WOULD language art anthology. Davenport has exhibited his own work internationally; he co-curated the first major gallery retrospective of Bob Cobbing's work at the UK Text Festival and the first posthumous gallery exhibition of Ian Hamilton Finlay's work.

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