Mercury Hymn
Philip Davenport/Ian Hamilton finlay

Edinburgh 2006

Davenport was poet/curator for commemorative exhibition of visual poet Ian Hamilton Finlay's works, together with a large wall text by Davenport, for Heart Gallery, Edinburgh.

In this exhibition, Davenport installed a large wall poem dedicated to Finlay (which incorporated elements of Davenport’s own life – text messages relating to emotional events) and as a counterpoint to the poem curated a small retrospective exhibition of Finlay works from Heart Fine Arts extensive collection.


The Ian Hamilton Finlay works displayed included many of his rarest prints, multiples, artist’s postcards, objects and letters from the collection of over 1000 Finlay pieces held by Heart – some of which had never been shown publicly. Given Finlay’s insistence on describing himself as a poet, rather than ‘artist’ it was perhaps fitting that another poet made the selection.