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Works 1996 - 2006


Mercury Hymn/Ian Hamilton Finlay is dead

isbn: none

Signed limited ed. Giclee print

“VISUAL poet Philip Davenport has created one of the most original tributes to the late Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay in his poem Mercury Hymn/Ian Hamilton Finlay is Dead, inscribed on the wall of the Heart gallery. He blends text messages from friends with snatches of Shelley's Hymn to Mercury to produce a work that is both daring and elegiac…” (The Scotsman)

STATUS: available. Hand numbered and initialled poem Ltd edition of 200. 297 x 297 mm Giclee print on 190gsm watercolour paper.


PRICE: £50.00



Scorpio Arc


isbn 978-0-9539367-3-2

CD: spoken songs/sung poems


Singer Christine Johnson, acc. Davenport

Cut-ups of interviews with musicians, given vocal arrangements by shamanic folk singer Christine Johnson, accompanied by Davenport. Released as limited ed. signed and numbered CD.


STATUS: available. Ltd Edition CD of 200. Handprinted cover, hand numbered. (NB. Remixed version as larger edition available soon, £10.00)


PRICE: £20.00



Ritual Bodies

isbn 978-0-9539367-4-0

Full colour catalogue documenting artists’ interventions at Liverpool Biennial

Editor: Jacqueline Wylie

Main contributing artists: Margaret Cahill, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Philip Davenport, Jacqueline Wylie


A singing gallery guard, poems written on apples, an unravelled knitted artwork and plaster dresses: Ritual Bodies was part of Liverpool Biennial, 2004. This series of four artists' interventions highlighted Walker Art Gallery's collection in visual, cultural and political terms.


STATUS: available. A5 full colour catalogue of exhibition at Liverpool Biennial 2005


PRICE: £10.00



One day split open

isbn: none

Limited edition text work, screenprint by Mr&Mrs


STATUS: available. Limited Edition of 50. A2 screenprint on varying papers

PRICE: £100.00


Heart Shape Pornography


isbn: none

Poems handwritten onto artificial apples


“Heart shapes are cut from porn magazines and the words crafted into haiku-like poems that are then inscribed onto apples… By enmeshing ‘low’ with ‘high’ ideals of pleasure and desire what is set up quite potently in Davenport’s work is a frank and concise interrogation of an artificial dualism and ultimately debilitating cultural categorizations where erotic representation and the activity of looking is a charged punitively regulated activity.” (Jacki Wilson)


STATUS: available. Verses of poem sequence handwritten onto artificial apples


PRICE: £10.00 Each



Vogue Divine

isbn 978-0-9539367-1-6

Postcard sets, A0 billposters

Philip Davenport, Phil Sayers, design Gary Parkinson


Davenport and transvestite artist Phil Sayers made a series of poster poems, billposted in Manchester, 2002. At first glance, simply fashion posters, re-looking shows the young female model to be a 56-year-old man in drag, the text gives the reader a poem not an instruction to buy. The poems were made by collaging words from fashion magazines.


“The first poem in the series was a found poem made from an advertisement in Vogue for the fashion house Hermes … I was intrigued by the idea that Vogue contained a hidden cast of gods and I began to look for them...” (Davenport)


STATUS: Billposters available as free downloads, colour postcard packs currently unavailable


Imaginary Missing People

(Published by Writers Forum 1999 isbn 0-86162-972-8)

Photographs of in situ poster poems available as Apple Pie editions


Imaginary Missing People debuted in Manchester in 1998, when several hundred poster-poems were billposted in Manchester. The collection was then published by Bob Cobbing’s seminal Writers Forum, 1999. The works were made by collaging together missing persons notices from The Big Issue together with Davenport’s own diaries. They have since appeared  in London, Reykjavik, Paris, Barcelona and Brighton.


STATUS: available. A2 photographs of billposter poems in situ. Signed.


PRICE: £100.00



All about evil


isbn 978-0-9539367-0-0

Early short story collection


 “A collection of modern Gothic stories bound together by the structure of the Arabian Nights… the imaginative pyrotechnics are quite dazzling.” (The Big Issue)


STATUS: unavailable


Lost Found Time


isbn 978-0-9539367-2-4


Anthology of art and poetry made by older people in hospital.


STATUS: unavailable


The Gingerbread Tree


isbn: none


Early CD of experimental pop, sung by Finella Davenport, with contributing musicians (esp. Damien Lawrence of Marion). Insouciant charm and a DIY production.


STATUS: available.

PRICE: £10.00