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Works 2006 - 2009


about everything

isbn 978-0-9539367-7-5



Book of poems and photographs, Philip Davenport. Soundworks and score by Ben Gwilliam, with additional sound material Lee Patterson, Helmut Lemke. Design by Darren Marsh.


Billposters exhibited in Liverpool Biennial 2008


about everything is an elegy for mass-production. The words have been taken from a yearsworth of newspapers, reordered and reshaped. Names of ancient high-ranking officials - from Rome, Russia, the medieval church - replace contemporary presidents and celebrities. The poem progresses into an overspill of nothing, words are replaced with zeroes, holes in the meaning.


STATUS: available Limited Edition of 500

PRICE: £10.00


50 Heads by Tony Trehy

Poetry collection

isbn 978-0-9539367-5-5


I hear this… as a techno descendant of someone like Prynne, a concept that strikes me as very odd indeed. And a sign that Trehy isn’t really like anyone else at all.

“Trehy is an eminently readable poet, tho you have to pay attention as you proceed through each work. He promotes this further with a vocabulary that is large and sometimes technical – auxetic discrete breathers, no two prosopagnosics are the same – but full of wit & more than a few echoes: Discrete breathers parametrise pseudogenes, But Vitruvian children stalk with charges of religious defamation tastier than a plateful of every number looks like nineteen.(Ron Silliman)

STATUS: available. A5 paperback

PRICE: £10.00



You minus one

isbn: none



Illustrations by David Hancock, soundworks Lee Patterson, design Gary Parkinson.


Billposter available from larger poem sequence. Book and CD forthcoming.


You minus one is a portrait sequence of people who are both close and lost. Davenport plays with ideas of measuring this space and finding symbols for it: mythical references (Narcissus, Echo, Psyche, Demeter, Minerva) and the preoccupations of Romantic poetry are mistranslated into new jargons of psychotherapy, biology and mathematics.


Premiered at Mid-Pennine Arts Gallery in August 2007, showing a few parts of the complete sequence.


STATUS: A0 poster poem available. Book and CD forthcoming.


Constellation of Luminous Details

isbn 978-0-9539367-6-7



CD of found poems as readings and soundworks.


Contributors include Gareth Bibby, Dave Clarkson, Christine Johnson, Lawrence Lane, Lee Patterson.


T'was my pure delight, to listen through --all those voices 'made-into-sound' w/ the freshness of white daisies.” (Robert Grenier)


Dreamy sequences of sound, voices … make this a wealth to hear.” (Frans de Waard)


Constellation of Luminous Details is audio rorschach – poems from conversations misheard amongst ringtones, urban traffic noise, the overspill of machines. Davenport gathered source material for a year, transcribing the conversations of strangers in public places. These texts were given to amateur readers in settings ranging from hospital wards to cafes to living rooms. They are first take 'performances' of Davenport's handwritten notebooks, with a striking informality and poignancy. One reader pauses to drink tea, another is interrupted by nurses talking near his hospital bed.


These readings and the sound treatments constructed from them combine into a suite of inner music.

STATUS: Available


Sample from Track 3 - The Wishing Machine